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Internet abbreviation of oh really?.


O RLY (Internet slang) Expressing interest, usually with implied sarcasm or disdain. 2003 May 9, Lu Hong, “The Big, Bad, Rules of #simrtk”, Simulated RTK, accessed on 2013-09-12: Excessive use of Internet-speak, 1337-speak or chat fads (such as the "O RLY?" "YA RLY"! exchange) are banned. While these are acceptable in small doses, too much use is spamming and just plain annoying. 2003 June 20, O RLY YA RLY, “WHY IS THERE NO GOOD PORN?”, how to save the world, accessed on 2013-09-12: Comment by O RLY YA RLY — June 22, 2003 @ 15:10





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