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AD 970 X 250


Proper Noun:

Zachary A male given name , English vernacular form of Zacharias, Zachariah and Zechariah. 1611, King James Version of the Bible (Authorized Version), 2 Esdras 1:39-40: Unto whom I will give for leaders, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Oseas, Amos, and Micheas, Joel, Abdias, and Jonas, Nahum, and Abacuc, Sophonias, Aggeus, Zachary, and Malachy, which is called also an angel of the Lord. 1605 William Camden, Remains Concerning Britain, John Russell Smith, 1870, p.56: Albeit in our late Reformation, some of good consideration have brought in Zachary, Malachy, Josias, &c. as better agreeing with our faith, but without contempt of countrey names (as I hope), which have both good and gracious significations, 2003 Alan Grayson, Mile End, PageFree Publishing Inc., ISBN 158961092X, page 366: "Zachary!" Her lips smacked at the name. "That's not a...well,a...Jewish name, is it?" "Oh yes, Zechariah, my father was born in the U.S.S.R., in Podolsk, and my mother's family came from Russia also, a long time ago. I suppose it's Russian or something." "Russian? It doesn't sound Russian." "Well I don't know exactly; my mother liked Zachary Scott in the pictures."



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AD 728 X 90

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