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From Latin condoleo (“I feel another's pain”)


condolences plural form of condolence (plural only) comfort, support, or sympathy offered to the family and friends of somebody who has died I sent her a card expressing my condolences after her mother passed away.


condolences Expressing perfunctory or jocular condolence wishes. 1992, Martin Cruz Smith, Red Square, page 120: "What were you doing at the cemetery?" / "Burying my father." / "Oh." Rodionov grunted as if he had expected a more imaginative excuse. "Condolences." 2008 July 15, NPR, “When Does It Go Too Far?”, Talk of the Nation: Let's get another caller on the line. This is Camille. Camille with us from Visalia in California. / Visalia, California that's correct. / Go ahead please. / Hi. I'm an African-American woman and when I first saw the cover - let me preface this. I'm in central California, which is very conservative. And... / Condolences.



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