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dog's +‎ body. 1818, British navy slang, originally derogatory reference to unappetizing pease pudding (compare dog's breakfast), as if it were made of mashed dog meat. In 20th century applied to low-ranked sailors, thence menial servants in wider usage.


factotum gofer handyman jack of all trades odd job


dogsbody (plural dogsbodies) (UK) A person who does menial work, a servant. That's just Baldrick, my dogsbody. — Blackadder. 1995, Paul Kussmaul, Training The Translator, John Benjamins Publishing Co, p. 146: Furthermore, there are still rather backward opinions in our society about the role of a translator. A translator is often regarded as a linguistic dogsbody.


dogsbody (third-person singular simple present dogsbodies, present participle dogsbodying, simple past and past participle dogsbodied) To act as a dogsbody, to do menial work: 1989, Tim Parks, Family Planning Perhaps because, having been brought up in all those different countries and languages, and then studying economics of all things for just a year, followed by four years dogsbodying for a haulage company, he had never got any serious reading done.



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