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imperfect & past participle Fagged; present participle & verbal noun Fagging., Confer (Low German) fakk wearied, weary, vaak slumber, drowsiness, (Old Frisian) fai, equivalent to fach devoted to death, (Old Saxon) f, (Old High German) feigi, German feig, feige, cowardly, (Icelandic) feigr fated to die, (Anglo-Saxon) f, (Scotland) faik, to fail, stop, lower the price; or perhaps the same word as (English) flag to droop.


A knot or coarse part in cloth. (obsolete)

Intransitive Verb:


1. To become weary; to tire. Creighton withheld his force till the Italian began to fag. German Mackenzie.

2. To labor to wearness; to work hard; to drudge. Read, fag, and subdue this chapter. Coleridge.

3. To act as a fag, or perform menial services or drudgery, for another, as in some English schools. To fag out, to become untwisted or frayed, as the end of a rope, or the edge of canvas.

Transitive Verb:


1. To tire by labor; to exhaust; as, he was almost fagged out.

2. Anything that fatigues. [Rare] It is such a fag, I came back tired to death. Miss Austen. Brain fag. (Medicine) See Cerebropathy.

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Etymology From Latin fagus.


Synonyms (cigarette): ciggy (Australia), smoke, (Cockney rhyming slang) oily rag


Noun fag (plural fags) (US, technical) In textile inspections, a rough or coarse defect in the woven fabric. (US, technical) A photovoltaic cell that is no longer in use. (UK, Ireland, Australia, colloquial, dated in US and Canada) A cigarette. 1968 January 25, The Bulletin, Oregon, He′d Phase Out Fag Industry Los Angeles (UPI) - A UCLA professor has called for the phasing out of the cigarette industry by converting tobacco acres to other crops. 2001, Oliver Sacks, Uncle Tungsten: Memories of a Chemical Boyhood, Alfred A. Knopf (2001), 15, All of them, like my mother, were heavy smokers, and after warming themselves by the fire, they would sit on the sofa and smoke, lobbing their web fag ends into the fire. 2011, Bill Marsh, Great Australian Shearing Stories, unnumbered page, So I started off by asking the shearers if they minded if I took a belly off while they were having a fag. Then after a while they were asking me. They′d say, ‘Do yer wanta take over fer a bit while I have a fag?’ And then I got better and I′d finish the sheep and they′d say ‘Christ, I haven′t finished me bloody fag yet, yer may as well shear anotherie.’ (UK, obsolete, colloquial) The worst part or end of a thing. 1788, William Perry editor, The Royal standard English dictionary‎: Fag, s. the worst part or end of anything.


Verb fag (third-person singular simple present fags, present participle fagging, simple past and past participle fagged) (transitive, colloquial, used mainly in passive form) To make exhausted, tired out. (intransitive, colloquial) To droop; to tire. G. Mackenzie Creighton withheld his force till the Italian began to fag. (UK, archaic, colloquial) For a younger student to act as a servant for senior students in many British boarding schools.



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