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footling (plural footlings) A fetus oriented so that, at birth, its feet will emerge first. A type of breech birth. 2006 Jan. 29, "Excerpt from Physical: An American Checkup by James McManus," New York Times (retrieved 14 Oct 2013): In 1999 my fourth child (third daughter) made an unexpected footling breech presentation.


footling Present participle of footle.


Adjective footling (comparative more footling, superlative most footling) Trivial; unimportant; useless; silly; inept; irritating. 1919, Jerome K. Jerome, All Roads Lead to Calvary, ch. 16: He was explaining to her things about the air service. . . . "Isn't it rather dangerous work?" she asked. She felt it was a footling question even as she asked it. 1922, P. G. Wodehouse, Right Ho, Jeeves, ch. 7: Only a couple of days ago I was compelled to take him off a case because his handling of it was so footling. 1948 May 24, "United Nations: Over to You," Time (retrieved 14 Oct 2013): For 28 footling days the 58-nation General Assembly had been debating the now-famous U.S. afterthought: to postpone partition and substitute a U.N. trusteeship for Palestine. 2009 July 15, Carlo Rotella, "The Genre Artist," New York Times (retrieved 14 Oct 2013): “Why did you persist in writing hurlothrumbo romances of the footling sort favored by mooncalfs?”



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