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fuckdoll (plural fuckdolls) (slang, vulgar) A doll with which a person can have sexual intercourse. (slang, vulgar, derogatory) A woman who is seen only as a sex object. 1999, Carol Benson & Alan Metz, The Madonna Companion, ISBN 0825671949, page 269: "Cultural critics ask 'Is Madonna a glamorized fuckdoll or the queen of dramatic critique?'" 2006, Stephen Romano, The Riot ACT, Lulu.com, ISBN 1847280307, page 132: "She would be a kept woman. / Devoted. / Loyal. / A fuckdoll in black-and-white-and-red." 2006, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Glamour Girls: Femme/femme Erotica, Haworth Press, ISBN 1560235349, page 144: "I came, my cries muffled by the gag, reduced to a blind, dumb fuckdoll"



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