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fucked up


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fucked up simple past tense and past participle of fuck up I fucked up my car last night.


Adjective fucked up (comparative more fucked up, superlative most fucked up) (idiomatic, vulgar) damaged; poorly manufactured; injured I haven’t been able to get online ’cause my computer's all fucked up. My back’s all fucked up from football. (idiomatic, vulgar) morally reprehensible; clearly and grossly objectionable Dude, that’s fucked up; you shouldn’t steal from kids. That new policy's fucked up, man; how many more freedoms can we lose? (idiomatic, vulgar) in disarray or dishevelment (emotionally or otherwise) Ever since she left me, I’ve been all fucked up. (idiomatic, vulgar) drunk; wasted; incredibly intoxicated (not necessarily with alcohol) Let’s go get fucked up after work.


fucked up

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