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grease up


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grease up (third-person singular simple present greases up, present participle greasing up, simple past and past participle greased up) (transitive) to smear with oil or grease. 1898, Charles Hallock, William A. Bruette, Forest and stream: Volume 51 On the evening of our second day Mr. Bliss said he thought we ought to grease up our shoes a little so that they would turn water better. 1992, Patrick B. Mullen, Listening to old voices: folklore, life stories, and the elderly - Page 86 I saw my old Daddy grease his pistol and rub it up and grease it up and work it and put cartridges in it. And say, 'I'm going into town today.' 1998, Chef, Chocolate Salty Balls (P.S. I Love You) Grease up the cookie sheet, 'cause I hate when my balls stick. Then preheat the oven to threefifty. And give that spoon a lick. 2004, Paul Willis, Ron Jackson, Kink page 84 “Grease it up. Put that big fucking dildo up my hole,” Greg gasped, his breathing growing rapid. He wanted it bad! I stared at the image in the mirror as I took the dildo in both hands and rubbed grease up and down it.


grease up

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