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green slip


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green slip (plural green slips) (Australia, South Australia, obsolete) A portion of Crown land remaining unalienated due to a size discrepancy between the land survey and the actual division. 1839, Thornton Leigh Hunt, Canada and South Australia: A Commentary on that Part of the Earl of Durham′s Report Dealing with Disposal of Wate Lands and Emigration, South Australian Facsimile Editions, Issue 30, page 52, we may smile at the indignation about the assistant surveyors and the green slips of South Australia. 1840, South Australian Colonization Commission, British House of Commons, Fourth Annual Report of the Colonization Commissioners for South Australia, page 21, Police Preventive Stations at 11. The Reed-beds, Green-slip, near to section 448, district A. 1878, John Wrathall Bull, Early Experiences of Colonial Life in South Australia, page 200, After the best sections had been chosen, the rejected ones had to be cut up into 80-acre sections, and green slips as they were called ; and then the 80-acre land orders might be exercised. (Australia, New South Wales) A certificate of third party personal liability insurance, required in order to register a motor vehicle. 2005, Jane Egginton, Working & Living Australia, page 150, Every car in Australia must be registered. Payment for this includes car tax and requires a minimum of third-party insurance. This type of insurance is called the Green Slip, or compulsory third party (CTP) insurance. 2009, Deborah Penrith, Jodie Seal, Live & Work in Australia, page 238, In New South Wales you must get an endorsed Compulsory Third Party Certificate (Green Slip) from an insurance company to be able to register your vehicle. 2010, Danny Ong, The International Students′ Handbook: Living and Studying in Australia, page 106, In some states, a minimum form of car insurance is compulsory when you register a car. This Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance (also known as a green slip), insures you or anyone in your vehicle against personal injury caused by your driving. CTP does not cover damage to vehicles.


green slip

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