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green +‎ way


greenway (plural greenways) A corridor of undeveloped or park land. 2007 July 27, Robin Finn, “A Serious Obsession With Playgrounds”, New York Times: “Conservation is protecting land, with its inherent flora and fauna, from development, but our mission here is preserving land for the human population to connect with again in a way that people used to,” she says, seated beneath a Rosie-the-Riveter statuette and a pair of gold boxing gloves that signify her drawn-out efforts to raise the $15 million necessary to open the Gynns Falls Trail, a 14-mile urban greenway in her native Baltimore that took 12 years instead of the three she had predicted. 2008 February 24, Abby Goodnough, “Boston Has High Hopes Now That the Dig Is Done”, New York Times: More than 1,300 trees have been planted along the greenway.



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