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AD 970 X 250



From Homo habilis.


habiline (plural habilines) A specimen of the now extinct species Homo habilis. 2009, Richard Wrangham. Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human, Basic Books, page 4: By around 2.3 million years ago, the first tentative record emerges of a new species, a habiline. Habilines, still poorly understood, are the “missing link” between apes and humans.


Adjective habiline (not comparable) Of or pertaining to habilines. 1985, Charles E. Oxnard, Humans, Apes and Chinese Fossils: New Implications for Human Evolution, Hong Kong University Press, page 7: Finally, new finds from Olduvai prompted Leakey, Tobias and Napier (1964) to recognize a new form, Homo habilis. Although the post-cranial elements of this find are no longer believed to be habiline, further findssuggest that there is indeed a reality to this species. 1995, Johan Matheus Gerardus van der Dennen, The Origin of War: The Evolution of a Male-Coalitional Reproductive Strategy, Origin Press, page 572: Sexual division of labor may be as old as the habiline hominids (H. habilis, ± 2.5 mya), who in all probability practiced a flexible subsistence strategy of "ecological opportunism optimized by tool use".



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