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hit it and quit it


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hit it and quit it (slang) To have a sexual encounter for physical gratification, and part company with the other partner immediately thereafter; to have a quickie one-night stand. 1999, Connie Rose Porter, Imani All Mine, p.105: They just want to hit it and quit it. When this white man done had enough, you won't even know where he is. 2003, Margaret Johnson-Hodge, Some Sunday, p.264: You say to yourself, I'll just hit it and quit it. My girl won't know. 2005, Letitia Anderson, Sins of the Past, p.13: Keith is just a no good for nothing guy who likes to hit it and quit it. 2005, Lexi Davis, Pretty Evil, p.365: As far as the guys' hit-it-and-quit-it philosophy with women, after all they'd gone through, they'd finally changed their perspectives. 2006, David Zinczenko, Men, Love & Sex: The Complete User's Guide for Women, p.127: Men want to hit it and quit it. In and out. Wham bam. 2006, Relentless Aaron, Extra Marital Affairs, p.173: "Just a quick hit it and quit it." Mason knew she was right, but there was a time for everything, even romance.


hit it and quit it

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