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A clipping of words formed from Greek ὁμο- (homo-, meaning same).


(in compounds) antropo


homo (countable and uncountable, plural homos) (colloquial, often pejorative) Short form of homosexual. 1938, Cecil Day Lewis, Starting point, page 127: "... He's a homo." "My dear Theo, at my age one can't worry about little details like that. Besides, he's got such a nice voice." I heard that she's a homo, but she hasn't come out of the closet yet. (uncountable, dated, US, Canada) Homogenized milk with a high butterfat content. 1956, Purdue University. Agricultural Experiment Station., Station bulletin, page 25: One quart of homo wholesale in glass equals one quart equivalent. Certain modifications were made in these relatives to adjust for variations in units per ...


homo to roof


Adjective homo (comparative more homo, superlative most homo) (colloquial, sometimes pejorative) Of or pertaining to homosexuality. (not comparable, Canada, US) Homogenized; almost always said of milk with a high butterfat content. 1958, American milk review and milk plant monthly, volume 20, page 190:  Regular homo milk was being sold out of stores in half gallons for 33 cents against 44 cents on regular homo milk on home delivery.





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