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Adjective impactive (comparative more impactive, superlative most impactive) Of, pertaining to, possessing, or caused by impact. 1880, W. S. Barnard, "Protoplasmic Dynamics," The American Naturalist, vol. 14, no. 4, p. 237: It is necessary to distinguish all forces sharply into two groups: 1, the attractional (gravity, adhesion, cohesion, chemism), and 2, the impactive or momentum forces of masses, molecules and atoms. 1970, Kent Kirby, "Art, Technology and the Liberal Arts College," Art Journal, vol. 29, no. 3, p. 330: Along with this revolution has come another, quieter and more subtle, but perhaps more impactive and ultimately more dynamic in its potential for change. 2001, Elissa Gootman, "An Intricate Bond; New Haven's past and future are so tied to Yale, but it took 300 years for the two to get along," New York Times, 18 Feb.: And in what may prove to be the most impactive development, the university is nurturing the nexus of science and business to create a biotechnology sector that has already brought millions of dollars and hundreds of jobs into town.



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