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jack up


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Sense of “hoist with a jack” is from 1885; then, “increase prices, etc.” (1904, American English); both ultimately from noun jack (“mechanical device used to raise heavy objects”) “Screw up, mess up” sense derived from, or influenced by fuck up, as a bowdlerization; also possibly influenced by jacked up (“high, intoxicated”) Jack up first dialectical idiomatic meaning: “abandon, give up” (1873), possibly a corruption of chuck up, as chuck up the sponge (“give up, concede, give token of submission”)


jack up (third-person singular simple present jacks up, present participle jacking up, simple past and past participle jacked up) To raise, hoist, or lift a thing using a jack, or similar means. He jacked the car up to change the tire. The oil rig can be jacked up higher when the hydraulic legs touch the sea floor. 1907, United States Circuit Courts of Appeals Reports, Volume 82, page 433, Nor was there any proof that they had been improperly used in jacking up the end of the car. 1916, Engineering and Contracting, Volume 45, page 113, From this time forward the overhang to the east of the center row was carried entirely on the clay, the shoring screws from the G and H piers having been removed to assist in jacking up at the west side. 1987 August, A. K. Hamlin, letter to Homeowners′ Clinic, Popular Mechanics, page 109, How can I secure them without jacking up the whole house to get the bolts in? (informal) To raise, increase, or accelerate; often said of prices, fees, or rates. I can't believe they're going to jack up the price of gasoline again — and after they already raised it twenty cents a gallon! (colloquial) To ruin; wreck; mess up; screw up; sometimes as a bowdlerized substitution for fuck up. I'm not letting him use my computer again; he always jacks it up. (obsolete, transitive and intransitive, dialect, West England and Australia) To give up; to abandon (something); to jig up, throw up, chuck up (give up, concede); to discontinue; to leave a job, break a contract; to jack in 1881?, Garnet Walch, A Little Tin Plate, Google Books Says I, “Let's jack up, man alive, / An' try further down on the Creek!” / “All right!” says my mate, “but we'll drive / Right an' left to the end of this week.” 1888, Rolf Boldrewood, Robbery Under Arms, chapter 19, Google Books Not but what I'd had a lot to bear, and took a deal of punishment before he jacked up. 1900, John Strange Winter, A Self-Made Countess: The Justification of a Husband, page 201 alternate source “I don't think I shall enter for the Point to Point this year, because we're going to jack up.” “Going to jack up what?” asked one, while the others looked up enquiringly. “We're going to jack up the Service. ” (New Zealand) To organise something.


jack up

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