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AD 970 X 250



From lager +‎ -phone.


(percussion instrument with bottle caps): boozaphone, mendoza/mendozer, monkey stick, Murrumbidgee River Rattler


lagerphone (plural lagerphones) (Australia) A generally homemade percussion instrument consisting of crown cap beer bottle tops loosely nailed to a pole (often a broom handle) and a board mounted cross-ways on the pole (the head of the broom), and played by striking the pole on the ground or with a stick, by drawing the serrated stick across the pole, or by shaking the instrument. 1991, Experimental Musical Instruments, Volumes 7-8, page 19, In Dunsan Makavejev′s film “The Coca-Cola Kid” (1984) the country band (Conways Carnival) performing “Waltzing Matilda” includes a lagerphone player who, in addition to hitting the stick against the ground strikes it with a stick swung in mock-bowing fashion. 2003, John Shepherd et al. (editors), “Lagerphone”, entry in Continuum Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World, Volume II: Performance and Production, page 379, In its modern form the lagerphone is of Australian origin and is a percussive instrument that produces a rhythmic effect similar to that of the tambourine. 2011, Chris Buch, Hello Sunshine: A Blitz Kid′s Journey to the Sunshine State, page 227, Our three piece band consisted of Robyn on lagerphone, me on guitar and a Norwegian guitar player called Tore Nielsen.



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