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AD 970 X 250



Via Spanish from Quechua maqa.


maca (uncountable) The Andean medicinal herb Lepidium meyenii, or an extract of the root of this plant. (Can we date this quote?), M. Hermann and T. Bernet, The transition of maca from neglect to market prominence, page 18: The overwhelming majority of maca roots are dried after harvest. In the cold, dry atmosphere of the puna the dried roots remain edible for several years. A minor proportion of the freshly harvested roots are roasted in huatias, earthen ovens 2007 March 18, G. Pascal Zachary, “Is the Key to Creativity in Your Pillbox, or in Your PC?”: The gap between what the Internet promises and what it delivers is part of the reason that people continue to turn to enhancers from caffeine to maca to virtual reality.





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AD 728 X 90

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