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sheepshearing (countable and uncountable, plural sheepshearings) The act of shearing sheep. 1996 May 24, Fred Camper, “Sunday Too Far Away”, Chicago Reader: Perhaps the best thing about Ken Hannam's 1975 film about sheepshearing in central Australia in 1956 is that he doesn't try to impose too much structure on the action. 1905, William Tuckwell, Horace: In another Epode (Epod. ii) he recalls his boyish memories in praise of country life: the vines wedded to poplars in the early spring, after that the sheepshearing, later still the grape-gathering and honey harvest; when winter comes, the hunting of the boar by day, at night the cheery meal with wife and children upon olives, sorrel, mallows, beside the crackling log-piled hearth.



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