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ta ta


AD 970 X 250



Probably derived from baby talk c1823 (imitative).


(goodbye): bye, goodbye, hooroo (Australian)


ta ta (chiefly UK, Australia, New Zealand, informal, colloquial) Goodbye. 1917, Henry Handel Richardson, Australia Felix, 2007, The Echo Library, page 229, “ Well, ta-ta, sweetheart! Don′t expect me back to lunch.” 1923 (recorded 1900), Ed Smith (Cranbrook Courier), Reminiscences of Kootenay Pioneers, recalling an event claimed to be the origin of the place name Ta Ta Creek; viewed in British Columbia archives), Red put the spurs to his horse and galloped away: “Ta ta, friends, I′ve business up the trail.” 1967, Joan Lindsay, Picnic at Hanging Rock, page 55, ‘No more questions? Then I′ll be off. Ta-ta.’




ta ta

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AD 728 X 90

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AD 160 X 600

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