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wackadoo (plural wackadoos) (slang) A crazy person, a wacko. 1987, Geoffrey Wolff, Providence Still, she felt like a wackadoo sometimes, even if she knew she was too hard on herself; she should cut herself some slack. 1994, James Elliott, Cold, Cold Heart "If you know anything about the wackadoo who cut that girl up, I want to hear it. I'll be inside," he said, and walked away.


Adjective wackadoo (comparative more wackadoo, superlative most wackadoo) (slang) Crazy, wacky. 1992, Barbara Dillon, Paul Casale, My Stepfather Shrank! See, it was these wackadoo inventions that finally got to me. That's why I asked for the trial separation. 2005, Judith Ryan Hendricks, The Baker's Apprentice "Betty's driving me wackadoo." "Betty?" I puzzle, stepping out the door behind her. "The wicked stepmother. Betty Crocker." 2006, Jo-Ann Mapson, The Owl and Moon Cafe Grandmothers go wackadoo over handmade cards. She'll be so happy she'll give you more money on your next birthday.



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