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(Old English) yis, ýis, ýes, ýise, (Anglo-Saxon) gese, gise; probably from geá yea + swa so. sq. root188. See Yea, and So.


Ay; yea; -- a word which expresses affirmation or consent; -- opposed to Ant: no.

Note: Yes is used, like yea, to enforce, by repetition or addition, something which precedes; as, you have done all this -- yes, you have done more. " you despise the man books confined." Pope.

Note: "The fine distinction between yea' and yes,' nay' and no,' that once existed in English, has quite disappeared. Yea' and nay' in Wyclif's time, and a good deal later, were the answers to questions framed in the affirmative. Will he come' To this it would have been replied, Yea' or Nay', as the case might be. But, Will he not come' To this the answer would have been Yes' or No.' Sir Thomas More finds fault with Tyndale, that in his translation of the Bible he had not observed this distinction, which was evidently therefore going out even then, that is, in the reign of Henry VIII.; and shortly after it was quite forgotten." Trench.

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From Middle English yes, yis, from Old English ġēse, ġīse, ġȳse, *ġīese (“yes, of course, so be it”), equivalent to ġēa (“yes", "so”) + sī(e) (“may it be”). Compare yea.


Dialect or archaic forms: ay, aye, yea, yassuh Nautical, military, telecommunications: affirmative Colloquial or slang forms: ya, yah, yeah, yeh, yep, yeppers, yup, yuppers, yus, ahuh, mhm, uh huh.


yes (plural yeses or yesses) An affirmative expression; an answer that shows agreement or acceptance. Was that a yes? A vote of support or in favor/favour of something. The workers voted on whether to strike, and there were thirty "yeses" and one "no".


yes (third-person singular simple present yeses, present participle yessing, simple past and past participle yessed) (colloquial, transitive) To agree with, to affirm, to approve. Did he yes the veto? 1972 Oct, John Barth, “Perseid”, Harper's Magazine, page 79:  "That's really what you wanted?" I yessed both; ... (slang) To attempt to flatter someone by habitually agreeing.


Adverb yes yes


yes! Used to express pleasure, joy, or great excitement. Our second goal of the match! Yes!



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