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Possess. Your or Yours (; dative & obj. You., (Old English) you, eou, eow, dative & accusative, (Anglo-Saxon) eów, used as dative & accusative of ge, g, ye; akin to (Old Frisian) iu, io, (Dutch) u, German euch, (Old High German) iu, dative, iuwih, accusative, (Icelandic) y, dative & accusative, (Gothic) izwis; of uncertain origin. sq. root189. Confer Your.


The pronoun of the second person, in the nominative, dative, and objective case, indicating the person or persons addressed. See the Note under Ye. Ye go to Canterbury; God you speed. Chaucer. Good sir, I do in friendship counsel you To leave this place. (Shakespeare) In vain you tell your parting lover You wish fair winds may waft him over. Prior.

Note: Though you is properly a plural, it is in all ordinary discourse used also in addressing a single person, yet properly always with a plural verb. "Are you he that hangs the verses on the trees, wherein Rosalind is so admired " (Shakespeare) You and your are sometimes used indefinitely, like we, they, one, to express persons not specified. "The looks at a distance like a new-plowed land; but as you come near it, you see nothing but a long heap of heavy, disjointed clods." Addison. "Your medalist and critic are much nearer related than the world imagine." Addison. "It is always pleasant to be forced to do what you wish to do, but what, until pressed, you dare not attempt." Hook. You is often used reflexively for yourself of yourselves. "Your highness shall repose you at the tower." (Shakespeare)

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From Middle English you, yow, ȝow, (object case of ye), from Old English ēow, īow ("you"; dative case of ġē), from *iwwiz ("you"; dative case of *jīz), Western form of Proto-Germanic *izwiz ("you"; dative case of *jūz), from Proto-Indo-European *yūs (“you (plural)”), *yū́. Cognate with West Frisian jo (“you”), Low German jo (“you”), Dutch jou & u (“you”), Middle High German eu, iu (“you”, obj. pron.), Latin vōs (“you”), Avestan 𐬬𐬋 (vō, “you”). See usage notes. Ye, you and your are cognate with Dutch jij/je, jou, jouw; Low German ji, jo/ju, jug and German ihr, euch and euer respectively. Ye is also cognate with archaic Swedish I.


(subject pronoun: the person spoken/written to): thou (singular, archaic), ye, yer (dialect) (subject pronoun: the persons spoken/written to): all of you (plural), ye, yer (dialect), you’s (plural dialect), y’all (informal US plural), you all (plural), you + number (plural, to the specified number of people) (object pronoun: the person spoken/written to): thee (singular, archaic), ye, to you, to thee, to ye (object pronoun: the persons spoken/written to): ye, to you, to ye, to you all (one): one, people, they, them


you (third-person singular simple present yous, present participle youing, simple past and past participle youed) (transitive) To address (a person) using the pronoun you, rather than thou.


you The individual or group spoken or written to. Have you gentlemen come to see the lady who fell backwards off a bus? Used before epithets for emphasis. You idiot!



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